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Relaxing, Therapeutic Mobile Massage at Your Convenience


 Professional Massage Therapist


I specialize in corporate chair massage programs, table massage, event massage, and mobile spa events in Western Washington. Schedule your event with at least 2 hours’ notice. CARE TOUCH THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE specializes in all massage types in a van designed for privacy and comfort, equipped with a massage table and hot towels and hot stones.

Work benefits need no payment. This means I accept insurance.

Let me take the stress out of bringing chair massage or table massage to the location of your choice. I provide on-site chair massage and table massage that relieve stress and tension and relax the mind leaving everyone ready to work. I have a hands-on approach to lifting spirits and building good will that will leave you immediately feeling better.

Chair and table massages are a guaranteed way to bring a positive atmosphere to your office. Massage therapy has been shown to help work-related issues, such as poor posture, stress, and low employee morale.

Many companies and individuals have problems finding economical ways to show their employees, clients, or anyone who is important to them, how much they value their relationship. I will be available to travel to your location of choice and watch how much I can influence your event.


Massage helps people with injuries, nerve trauma,
muscle pain, etc.

I am available for: home massage, birthday parties, anniversaries, company appreciation, hospital staff appreciation, teacher appreciation, health fairs, corporate massage programs, marketing events, convention massages, mobile massage events, and home massage - anywhere! CARE TOUCH THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE can help.

Get in touch with me to schedule an appointment. I cater to clients in King County, Washington.

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